We are interested in the heavens, the cloud formations and various weather phenomena, including the phenomena of light trying to document them. Ancona, capital of the region of Marche (Italy), it is in this region that from 2011 along with others interested in the phenomenon, has formed a group of people dedicated to the recording of these details and bizarre light phenomena. The anomalies that we recorded were different: the strange atmospheric formations to sudden flashes of lights, from phenomena auditory physical effects. Phenomena documented we have different types and behavior, the phenomenon exists although it seems that no one yet knows explain it.

We have assumed a special relationship concurrently sightings; being new to the UFO field, first we have chosen to seize the key elements that can be found in a similar way in the various manifestations of these phenomena, trying not to be influenced (in this first phase of observation), to information, research or possible explanations provided by other sources, used to rear instead as an opportunity for comparison. We choose as a modus operandi of not proposing explanatory hypotheses "risky", as happens frequently in this field, then by adhering to the only reality that we can document. We can not overlook the fact that the phenomena seem to occur only at certain times of the year, which would seem to coincide with solstices and equinoxes (from April to October the most intense period of sightings).

A REAL phenomenon to be reckoned with. The phenomenon of UFOs is more than real, so much so that even the Air Force is dealing with it, and there are many assumptions that should not be taken too lightly as the fact that in the vicinity of large earthquakes have been seen glowing balls and so it may be also a natural phenomenon; or maybe new military technologies, new forms organic atmospheric or why not entities etheric energy. There have been several demonstrations of unidentified flying objects: some we could clearly see them with the naked eye, others have appeared randomly in filming or photo shoots. Many of these appear to be linked to certain "places" (as told by the theory of Ley Lines); absolutely do not exclude that there are other life forms in the universe, but we can not do a search of this type with the means of which we can avail ourselves; but what we can do is to film, photograph, document these luminescent phenomena from ground stations and classify them, hoping to be helpful even to those who deal with these phenomena for a long time.

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Documentary 11/11/11:Panting from the anxieties of life, distracted by entertainment, busy chasing the time that escapes,
modern man rarely raises his gaze upward and just to see the weather, only contact that links it to the sky again. (collaborators): Fabrizio S., Alessandro N., Max Z., Andrea C., Luca B., Michele B.,Federico M.

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